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Neckie Sport Summer scarf-neck gaiter-pink
Neckie Sport Summer scarf-neck gaiter-pink
Neckie Sport Summer scarf-neck gaiter-pink

Lightweight Scarf | Headwear style: Dreamy Pink

$ 28.00 USD

Lightweight Scarf | Headwear style: Dreamy Pink

This POWPOW Lightweight Scarf is a neck gaiter that is made with a lighter weight material that is useful year-round. Dreamy Pink has a pretty blend of pinks with a hint of blue. Wear it as a face cover, mask, neck scarf or headband. It is made of polyester blend that is anti-microbial, versatile, soft, breathable and lightweight. Style it around your neck and pull it up and down as needed for social distancing or comfort. It folds easily and can be tucked into a small pocket when the weather changes. It’s a perfect accessory for outside adventures all year round.

  • Lightweight, breathable, buttery silky feel, soft
  • UPF 50+ blocks harmful UV rays
  • Maxi-dri, anti-microbial moisture wicking
  • Colorful, unique artist designed pattern
  • One size fits most - approximately 20" around by 11" tall
  • Machine washable – wash cold, hang or fluff dry

Please note:

Federal and state health officials now recommend people cover their mouths and noses with cloth face masks when in public to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. All our Headwear are NOT Medical Masks or other PPE intended for Healthcare workers and do not make any claim or been proven to help prevent the spread of the virus or disease.