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Powpow Featured Artist  |  Johnny Paints Monsters

johnny paints monsters artist

Johnny Cage aka "Johnny Paints Monsters" is a 3rd generation San Franciscan, self taught Artist who paints energetic, colorful graffiti base character style designs. He's a proud father and husband and has an impressive following on Instagram with an insanely loyal and growing customer base.

We love his authenticity and commitment to stay true to his art. He says, "I pride myself on having 100% original artwork and I cannot stand "pop art"... to me, that's as impressive as someone at the bar singing karaoke".

Powpow has worked on three collaborations with Johnny Paints Monsters and we look forward to continuing to bring these imaginative designs to the canvas of our Powpow products. Check out all his designs and learn more about his story by following him @enor415 on Instagram. He also offers commissioned art!