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POWPOW | About Us

We created POWPOW Headwear and Accessories to help friends and family enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. The brand was born in the snow on an epic “powpow” snow day of skiing in the beautiful Sierras.

As a Ski Instructor in Vail, Colorado, Karen started designing neck warmers for her students to help them have a great experience on cold days up on the mountain. Over the years, she improved her designs and friends and family urged her to start selling them. Today, we produce a full collection of colorful, custom designed Neck Warmers, Neckies, Beanie Hats, Headbands, Trail Gaiters, and Face Masks for street to slopes. We design and manufacture using ecologically friendly processes through local partners in Northern California. Our goal is to make all of our products with zero material waste, minimal transportation and limited impact on the environment. 

We test our new products with customers, friends and family who are athletes, guides, ski instructors, and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality design and share our love for outdoor fun. POWPOW products are created for people who consciously choose to enjoy a healthy, active life outdoors.

We support causes such as Share Winter Foundation, that help remove the financial barriers to inclusion and improve the lives of youth through winter sports.

Welcome to the world of POWPOW! We’re making new friends every day. Join us!

Please feel free to reach out here: Contact us: info@powpow.com